Foundations Built With Power and Pride


Gilmar Construction was established in 2009, with over 30 years of experience. We specialize in forming concrete for residential and commercial foundations in the Central Alberta Area.  Gilmar goes above the standard to provide friendly customer service and a quality foundation.  Our full circle service encompasses excavation of the hole, forming the footing, walls, garage and deck piles, placing the concrete, damproofing, installing weeping tile and rock, and last, backfilling the foundation.

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Our Values



Committed to a friendly and respectful, family based atmosphere. We extend this to all our employees, customers and suppliers.  We take pride in our personal connection with each person that comes through our door, because that is what matters to us.


As one of Central Alberta's leading Foundation companies we specialize in difficult jobs. It takes organization, attention to detail and teamwork to name a few, to offer each customer the highest degree of skill. We continuously strive to improve and do not quit until the job is done. With a sense of pride we are committed to quality on every job we do.


Our guys and gals come from all walks of life but have a common ground. Skilled hands and dedication, top the chart with a strong work ethic and a can do attitude forming each and every foundation.


Integrity is the cornerstone to Gilmar's success.  With a sincere commitment to doing the right thing in a reliable way, we continue to earn and maintain the trust and respect of our customers, employees and the communities where we live.


Safety is Imperative to stay at the forefront of each and every foundation. Striving for an injury free worksite, our goal is to get each and every Gilmar family member home safe at night.


As part of our journey we continue to think outside of the box to find ways to meet our goals, whether it is forming a foundation, meeting out customer's needs or mentoring our employee's careers, we encourage change and continuous growth towards our destination.